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You Have An Audience
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Yes, we are called a “media buying” company but we don’t really like the descriptor. It is so limiting. It doesn’t describe who we are or what we do.

We prefer “partner”. Simply put, we aspire to be an extension of your marketing team. Sounds better. Feels better. Works better … for YOU.

While this is our website, it really is about you.

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Marshall AdvertisingOur Story

Some time around 2001, husband and wife partners, Jennifer and Kevin Marshall set out to create a different kind of media agency. Being the energetic and enthusiastic problem solvers that they are, they wanted to be an extension of their clients’ marketing team—tenaciously negotiating ad costs, keeping up with ever-evolving media options—basically, being advertising advocates.
More than a decade later, Marshall Advertising works with some of the largest local and regional advertisers in Florida and national accounts as well. We’ve bought every imaginable advertising medium there is—TV, Radio, Newspaper, Billboards, Internet, Mobile Text Campaigns, Pay-Per-Click, Gas Pump Toppers, Flying banners, Yard Signs, (you get the idea)—and the list continues to grow!
We’re a small agency and we like it that way. We don’t aspire to be big and have lots of departments—boutique works just fine. Our team is smart, savvy, creative and likable. We like what we do and we love it when our clients receive success from our hard work.
Get to know us and let us help you write your success story!

We specialize in Media Buying. We don’t try to be all things to all people. We believe that makes us different and better suited to deliver results. Our agency is dedicated to making your business successful through effective and efficient advertising campaigns. We dedicate all of our time, effort and resources to media buying on your behalf.



That includes consulting with you on what your goals and objectives will be for your campaign, which media makes the most sense, negotiating great deals on the advertising we purchase and following through to ensure your campaign ran exactly as projected. The latter of which is often overlooked by other firms that provide media buying services.

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If needed, we partner with other firms that specialize in both of these advertising disciplines – businesses like ours that understand there is greater value in being focused on just one part of the advertising equation. We will bring in firms that we have worked with before and we will manage the process. Or, if you prefer, you can manage the team. We can also work directly with a creative firm that you are already working with. We have experience in all of these different scenarios and have thrived in each. Working with others for your success. In 13 years we have seen this model work for our clients. We will work hard to make it work for you.


Our Services

Traditional Media Buying

(TV, Radio, Cable, Outdoor, Print …)

Every year we buy over $10 million worth of TV, radio, cable, print, outdoor and other forms of “traditional” media.  This traditional media still accounts for a large percentage of our clients’ budgets.  It is still where your potential customers are consuming media, and are efficiently and effectively reached. We evaluate which of these media makes sense for your campaign and then negotiate fantastic rates/deals based on the leverage and experience we have with the media outlets.  We don’t like to pitch business based on how inexpensive we can buy media for you BUT …

Our Services

Online Media Buying

Online is the fastest growing advertising medium. We are utilizing banner ads, expandable or streaming video ads, take-overs, sponsorships and page/site integration to help our clients target their customers online. Whether online is a major part of your campaign or a complement to more traditional media, we have the experience and tools to make it a success.

Our Services

Paid Search


Paid Search or Pay-Per-Click is an integral part of your online success. Having a prominent position on the search page when people are searching terms related to your business is important. It is as important, if not more important, than SEO because of the way Google has formatted their search results page. Paid search ads appear at the top of the page and you want to be there. We can help you be there in a cost-effective manner. All paid search ad campaigns are not the same. There are many different elements that play into the formula for a successful search campaign. With our platform we can monitor and optimize your search campaign 24/7/365.

Our Services

Social Media Management

Do you have a Facebook page for your business but don’t know what to do with it? Maybe a Twitter page, Google + or Pinterest? We can help. Utilizing a state of the art social media management platform, we can manage your social media efforts by:

  • Setting up or enhancing the look of your page.
  • Providing daily content relative to your business. Some of it will promote your business. Some are posts designed to engage customers that relate to them and your business.
  • Monitor comments on your page and engage those that leave comments.
  • Expand the number of people that like your pages by promoting to your current customers and utilizing inexpensive Facebook (and other social media) advertising methods.

Our Services

Sports Sponsorships

Does your business or brand lend itself to sports fans? If so, we can help find opportunities that make sense for your business and budget, negotiate great deals and manage the sponsorship to make sure you receive all elements of the sponsorship. On top of being sports fans here at Marshall Advertising (Kevin Marshall was born in Pittsburgh – need we say more) we worked with the Tampa Bay Lightning for 9 seasons (including their 2004 Stanley Cup season) and handled the advertising for the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg for 5 years. We have seen how the sponsorships work from the team side. Recently we negotiated a deal for our client, Amalie Motor Oil, to be the naming rights partner for the Tampa Bay Storm’s field. If you have attended a Storm game, you cannot miss their strong presence!  We have also worked with other clients such as The Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV on their various sports sponsorships.


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  • sponsorships

    TOOLS of the Trade

    Media Buying, to us, involves seasoned and knowledgeable advertising and marketing folks building advertising plans with an expert understanding of the media outlets that best fit with your media plan and goals, the ability to purchase advertising time or space in the most effective and efficient manner and executing thoughtful promotions that compliment the advertising message.

    Indeed, there are more elements to a successful advertising campaign beyond just media buying. However, we have found that by dedicating 100% of our time, effort and resources to media buying, we are able to bring the most value to your business. Media buying is not just one department in a big ad agency. It is our ad agency. It is what we do all of the time. And we make sure we have the staff and resources to do it well!




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      What if a client needs more than just media buying?


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      If I use Marshall Advertising and need the help of PR and/or creative, who then manages the various entities involved in the advertising?


      Do you have different people that manage your accounts and others that do the media planning/buying?


      Do you have any sayings that summarize your philosophy on media buying and working with your clients?


      What do you say when you are talking to a potential new client who is concerned that you don’t have experience in their particular field or category?


      Are advertising prices set or negotiable?


      Why should I choose Marshall Advertising?


      Any other questions?


    LED Boards vs. Static Boards: Pros & Cons of Each

    April 16, 2014

    To start this off, traditional print (or otherwise referred to as “static”) billboards are a mature market. They’ve been around for decades, and advertisers have explored much of its potential. LED boards are still an emerging (and more importantly: evolving) medium. What exactly is a traditional billboard? What is an LED board?

    A traditional billboard is typically made of a waterproof vinyl. This means durability under the weather and conservative costs. They come in specific sizes and rarely vary from this unless it’s a specific kind of advertising beyond conventional billboards. LED boards meanwhile are essentially really large televisions. While there are some technical differences, this is an easy analogy to make, you can go to Best Buy right now and look at LED televisions and see a lot of the same qualities. The bulbs …

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