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Back in 2000 when we started our business we had our first website built. We challenged the website development company to build something that was non-traditional, non-corporate, different and, oh yeah, give it a “Jetsons” feel – some of you youngsters might have to Google the George Jetson cartoon with the robots and the flying cars. I can’t quite remember why I felt it needed a Jetsons feel but at the time I was pretty adamant about that element. They came back to me with the design idea and hit the nail on the head – complete with the Jetsons! The site served us well for over a decade; although some in my office would argue it should have been changed years ago. None the less, I liked the site, we received compliments about the design and, more importantly, that Jetsons website led to some new business!

Times have changed. Technology has changed. Advertising has changed. Our business has changed. When we started Marshall Advertising the majority of the work we did was traditional media. Our original website reflected that. Our business has evolved and now includes offerings such as online advertising and text message campaigns, social media management, paid search and sports marketing. We help our clients delve into these new opportunities while maintaining a strong presence in more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, billboards and print. The problem is our old website didn’t evolve along with our business and didn’t reflect who and what we are today.

When we first met with the Madden Brand team that designed this new website we proposed the same challenge as before; non-traditional, non-corporate and different. We left out the Jetsons part this time. We did ask if they could incorporate the single-page design utilizing HTML 5. I believe they delivered something fun and different and a website that now properly reflects our business.

Please take a few minutes to check out our new home on the web and let me know what you think; both about the website and how Marshall Advertising has evolved with the times!

Our old website:

The Jetsons

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