What is your response when you are talking to a potential new client who is concerned that you don’t have experience in their particular field or category?


We do get this when we are talking to someone in a category that we have not worked in before. I understand the concern, however the principles of marketing and advertising are similar across all categories. The fact of the matter is, and I say this to folks that express this concern, we had never worked with a pro sports team and worked with the Tampa Bay Lightning for 9 seasons. We never handled insurance and have worked with State Farm Insurance in Florida for 8 years. Same with financial – Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union – 8 years. Furniture – Kane’s Furniture – 10 years.  The point is, yes, we will need to get up-to-speed on the businesses’ nuances, but it boils down to “who is the customer?” and “how can we best reach them?”

We seem to have a strong track record of successfully working with companies in new categories!