Do you have any sayings that summarize your philosophy on media buying and working with your clients?


Having come from the advertising sales side of things we take a different approach to media buying. I like to say that “Selling is a better way of buying!” In other words, we are selling the vendor on why they should give our client a preferred rate, deal or promotion. I also espouse that we are more than media buyers – we aspire to become part of our client’s marketing teams. I sometimes cringe when people introduce us as their media buyers. We are so much more, but, it is what we do! I am known to say “Ask and you get and don’t and you won’t!” This saying came from my first sales manager in Pittsburgh and I usually say this when we are going after something that we think is probably going to be a “no” … but you never know unless you ask, right? My kids know that one by heart. The last thing is treating problems as opportunities. That is not really a saying but it is just a different way of looking at issues that arise in our day-to-day work. The opportunity to be problem-solvers helps us all grow and figure out solutions in a positive way that are a win for all.