LED Boards vs. Static Boards: Pros & Cons of Each

To start this off, traditional print (or otherwise referred to as “static”) billboards are a mature market. They’ve been around for decades, and advertisers have explored much of its potential. LED boards are still an emerging (and more importantly: evolving) medium. What exactly is a traditional billboard? What is an LED board? A traditional billboard …


Mobile Billboard Advertising, Is It Worth It?

Often considered a type of guerilla marketing, mobile billboard advertising is a relatively new concept that involves putting the vinyl poster panels (sometimes it’s electronic panels) onto a moving vehicle (most often a truck) and driving a determined route. This is done to optimize attention to target markets and maximize exposure. Many metropolitan areas utilize …


How The Cost of a Billboard Is Determined

“If the 20th century was known in marketing circles as the advertising century, the 21st may be the advertising measurement century.” Stuart Elliot of the New York Times wrote in 2007 about the problems and solutions that outdoor advertising agencies have compared to other forms for quantifying hard and reliable statistics about the people that …


Javic Homes

Tampa media buying company will help Javic Homes market their upcoming Southern Living Showcase Home.

Marshall Advertising, a long time Tampa Bay ad agency, announced the signing of its newest media buying client, Javic Homes.
“We are very excited to partner with Javic Homes as their media buying agency and look forward to working with them on the new Southern Living Showcase Home,” said Kevin Marshall, agency president. “As the area housing market continues to heat up, we are committed to helping them achieve a higher level of success.”

Marshall Advertising will work on all aspects of the builder’s advertising and marketing, including the exciting Southern Living project.


Welcome to our new website!

Back in 2000 when we started our business we had our first website built. We challenged the website development company to build something that was non-traditional, non-corporate, different and, oh yeah, give it a “Jetsons” feel – some of you youngsters might have to Google the George Jetson cartoon with the robots and the flying …